Year: 2021



The vast culinary landscape of Indian street food is expanding throughout the world in a variety of forms, from kathi rolls and dosas to various spicy, flavourful snacks known as chaat. Chaat refers to the Indian street “snacks” that are usually built upon a crunchy base and topped with chickpeas, potatoes, onions and/or various other […]

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Tandoor is a significant fixture in Indian restaurants. The word tandoori means a dish cooked in a tandoor oven which is cylindrical clay used for cooking and baking. The tandoor was popularised during Muslim rule in South Asia. It travelled to Central Asia and the Middle East. The tandoor is also known by other names […]

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Indian Spices

The spice trade has a rich history of relentless explorers traversing the world to find the shortest, fastest, and most lucrative routes to the promised lands that grew rich bounties of exotic spices. And those routes more often than not led them to and through India. Columbus famously and mistakenly discovered America in his quest […]

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