Food delivery has perhaps been a saviour amidst the pandemic. After all, it is what keeps us going no matter what the occasion is! Doesn’t a freshly baked kulcha lift up your mood just by the aroma of it? How about concluding your day with some decadent tikkas and kathi rolls? We have got you covered. Indian Palate is catering to such food cravings even amidst the COVID crisis. In times when people aren’t going out yet missing the restaurant-like food, Indian Palate has it all what it takes to satisfy your taste buds.

Freshly cooked and preservative-free dishes lends a unique take to our dishes. Indian Palate serves up an impressive array of Indian food. Portions are large, so be prepared for the food coma that comes with all the delectable dishes.


To make your food adventures extraordinary our phenomenal team of culinary karigars meticulously pore over every detail of the cooking process. Our chefs recreate the magic of age-old cooking techniques in our kitchens every day and showcase skills and craftsmanship that can only be acquired by rigorous practice or have been handed down through generations. With a passion for rediscovering time-honoured cooking methods, we focus on traditional techniques like slow cooking and tandoor cooking.

An illustration of traditional moist heat cooking, the art of tikka making in our kitchens has been perfected by our culinary karigars who ensure the right balance of temperature and skill on a grill to deliver tender tikkas every time.

Lastly, all our curries pay tribute to the heritage of slow-cooking, an elaborate, unhurried preparation used to kindle the most aromatic and delicate flavours on your plate. And to partner our delectable curries, our exquisite breads are baked to perfection in our signature clay tandoors. We take immense pride in our artisanal breads which are prepared by specialised tandoor craftsmen.




We believe that any recipe is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why our chefs go to enormous lengths to handpick everything that goes into our food. Perfectly blended spices, the freshest picked vegetables, our prime cuts of meat, and every other premium ingredient ensures that your culinary experience with us nothing short of remarkable. Our chefs would not have it any other way.



Cleanliness and strict adherence to hygienic food prep are central to our operations. Our crew is trained for and ensures that each item is separately kept and stored in suitable conditions to preserve freshness. Our kitchens are equipped with strict pest control measures and efficient waste management processes. Armed with extensive space to prepare each recipe, state-of-the-art conveniences and unmatchable staff expertise, special attention is given to food hygiene. We are not just limited to best-in-

class food prep practices, but in every phase of the food creation process to deliver only the best-quality food.



Food is more than survival – food is joyous, it brings us together in our moment of celebration, and it brings us comfort in our moments of sadness. It helps us make friends and build community. At Indian Palate, we want to do our little part in bringing the joy of food into your lives. Whether it’s just you yearning for a delicious plate of biryani after a hard day at work, or if it’s an intimate gathering of your closest friends, or a big family celebration – we are here to be the central place to satisfy your hankering for the most delectable tikkas, curries, biryanis and breads.

We are more than packaged food delivery, we are a joyous culinary experience delivered at your doorstep.


On every takeaway order with us, we offer a complimentary butter naan on orders above HUF 2000. To order call +36-30-1444000.

You can also order through Wolt, NetPincer and BoltFood apps.