Take your loved one

Take your loved one

Take your loved ones on a culinary trip to the most beautiful corners of India and that too without having to travel to India.

With our range of most diverse and delicious Indian curry specialities, best service Indian Palate distinguishes itself from many other similar restaurants. We offer a quantitatively impressive menu without compromising the quality. Something for everyone.

Indian Palate presents its guests with a dramatic assortment of dishes from the huge collection of Indian culinary styles for a true feast for the eyes. Curated with care and crafted with precision, the vibrant dishes preserve the goodness of each ingredients used.

The delectable taste of the food made in our kitchen stems from the use of freshly chopped ingredients garnished with authentic spices. Our chefs make each dish from scratch as in Indian homes letting you enjoy their true goodness.

The rich and varying texture of Indian food makes it special to those savouring them every day. The freshly hand-baked breads lets you to feel their warm and rich texture as you tear them to bite into the soft pieces.

Enjoy the fragrance of each dish served at one of the best restaurant in Budapest casting a magical spell on you. Delicate yet intoxicating, the blend of aromatic herbs and freshly made spices add that special blend to our appetizing dishes.

It is our true love for Indian food that spurs us to use the best range of Indian grown spices and condiments that give our dishes that very special taste and flavour. Some of the spices and other raw ingredients ‘khade masale’ are sourced from India and are preserved here to bring the originality in your dish.

We promise our guests a memorable and matchless experience on any occasion, be it for the everyday healthy lunch or the light evening snacks, the special full course dinner or an unlimited Thali. From a light-hearted feel-good Indian experience to the full-blown hospitality served on the platter, we have it all for you!

Fresh, fragrant and affordable, we have an assortment of Indian menu for different tastes and a range of occasions.