From Butter Chicken to Goan Prawn Curry, we serve the best of Indian delicacies for the foodie’s delight. Indian Classical music playing in the background while you enjoy your delicious meal makes for a captivating experience. As the best Indian restaurant, we keep the flavours of India intact and our culinary delights are unmatchable. The uncompromising quality of food at Indian Palate is our legacy and we aim to surpass our own standards every time we serve you.

We house an unparalleled form of authentic Indian cuisines which makes us the best Indian restaurant near me for your next dine in experience. The place takes you on a culinary journey into the majestic and wonderful world of the elite and resplendent stream of Indian cuisines.

For us, true Indian dining is about bringing friends and families together to socialise, share good times and make lasting memories while enjoying your favorite delicacies. We’ve created a stunning space and a delectable menu, with plates of love to get your loved ones even closer.

At Indian Palate, the finest Indian restaurant, we believe food to be almost art, almost sacred. Find the most scrumptious and satisfactory Indian food Budapest at Indian Palate.


For us every day Indian food is magical! Our aim is to bring you real Indian dishes with their rainbow of colours, spices, and flavours and make this magic accessible to all. The finest ingredients, the skill, imagination & passion of the chefs all combine to craft authentic, timeless & true classics that weave wonders on the taste buds & stir the soul. Our Indian food casts a magical spell on you and make you wanting a little more every time.

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