Indian Palate celebrates the rich culinary and cultural heritage of Royal India. It offers the guests different journeys throughout the beloved homeland while reflecting and embracing the cultures. The culinary influences of India are diverse. Every dish has something to say.

Indian Palate has consistently maintained its high standards and dedication to serving TRADITIONAL & AUTHENTICATE INDIAN FOOD. At Indian Palate, you will find traditional Indian cooking techniques along with unexpected ingredient combinations, flavour profiles, traditional plating and impressive table service. While dining at Indian Palate, you experience a truly traditional take on Indian Cuisine. It is important to us to preserve time-honoured cooking techniques while surprising our guests with unique dishes and menu items.

We source high-quality ingredients to form the starting point of each dish and add to those fresh spices which we grind in-house. Our culinary team transforms these ingredients into unforgettable meals. Where our ingredients come from is incredibility important to us. We work with some incredible partners to ensure that only the very best products end up on our tables. Your favourites, such as Naan bread, Palak Paneer, and Chicken Tikka remain the foundation of our menu.

Each style meets and mingles in the Tandoor, bringing distinct flavours and cooking techniques that result in flavourful, sumptuous dishes that leave a lasting impression. Our table is truly open to all.

The cuisine is just one part of the experience. The restaurant comprises an elegant dining room, and a private dining room. The vintage decor, sophisticated ambiance, perfect lighting, and soothing music are a few things you will first notice about Indian Palate. The restaurant has also managed to create a lot of buzz amongst the locals in no time. So if you are craving for some mind blowing Indian curries, Indian Palate has got you covered.

At the moment, the restaurant is only open for take aways and home deliveries through Wolt, NetPincer and BoltFood apps.